TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2011


* Planted "Ruby Glow" Sedum, making sure to ensure plenty of air circulation, to avoid rot, which can happen with these buggers.

* After working in the garden, it's time for Iris spring. (pun, pun, pun)

* If one hasn't cleaned up their ornamental grasses, one should promptly do it now.

* Threw some coffee grounds around the Bleeding Hearts and could swear they instantly got stronger, bigger, and better!

* Planted some Dutchman's Pipe. (They're great if you need something to climb up the side of the house!)

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

Lots of rain - lots of Trilliums

* Almost time to put in the Supertunias; they are remarkable annuals that come in cool colors, a vibrant pink, black velvet, sangria, and many more.
* Great time to sprinkle some coffee grounds around the Astilbes; they like their soil a little on the acidy side. With all this rain, my personal Astilbes are looking strong.
* Had some extra Muracid left, so I threw it on the Bleeding Hearts. Keep an eye out for aphids on these plants.
* I have one client with healthy Geraniums all over the place. I like to shake them and smell the sweet perfume for a while.
* Put up the Peony cages

MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011


Lilac injured yet putting out buds
* Cut back Buddleia Davidii; a little late for my taste
 but soon enough not to do any harm.
* Also cut back Astilbe; new growth looking positive.
* Spread coffee grounds around Rhodies and Viburnums.
* Cut back Dusty Millers. They are a tricky plant; in some areas in Chittenden County they thrive with zero attention, other areas they need protection, ie: near a wall or hedging.