TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011


 * Remember - you can take cuttings from Coleus in the fall and grow neat looking houseplants for winter. Most Coleus root easily.
* The variety 'Black Magic', is sun tolerant and can hang out in crappy soil.
* If you keep Coleus inside, don't water too much. Let the soil dry a bit before watering. If your Coleus is outside, don't let it stay wet. It's a tropical plant, and is semi-drought tolerant.

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011

Quiz: What are these?

'Magic Fire'
  •   Spent yesterday planting Rhododendrons and 'Magic Fire' Hydrangeas. With Rhodies, one must make sure not to set the base in too deep, for the roots are shallow and poor placement can affect flower production.                                       With the 'Magic Fire', the flowers turn, magically, from white to red in late summer.

    THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2011

    July blooming 'Lion King' Iris
    3 shades of Astilbe
    • Planted some Dwarf Bee Balm for a customer today (Monarda x. 'Petite Delight'). Beautiful lavender pink flowers and dark green foliage. Let's see if it stays at a foot and a half!
    • What a glorious time to have many colors of Astilbe to greet us in the morn. The reds, pinks, creams and lilacs. An old-timer told me that Astilbes can be divided even in flower but I've never tried it. They are one tough plant, though.
    • Want an Iris that is still in bloom in July? Think about the 'Lion King', a stately Japanese Iris which is lighter purple with a splash of white. A customer has three in bloom right now, July 14.(See above pic which came from White Flower Farm)

    THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011

    • - Time to give the tomatoes some chow; they like seafood, more particularly fish emulsion. After spreading it, you just have to hold your nose for a couple of days!
    • - Aren't the Astilbes brilliant this year, most likely from the soggy spring. One of my clients has a beautiful spread of burgundy, creme and soft red Astilbes mixed in with some cute Primula. Or would it be Primuli?
    • - Ahhh! My Brussel Sprout leaves have holes! Time to get in the shed and see where I misplaced the Neem Oil.
    • - The Jerusalem Artichokes are getting there, about 7 feet tall and looking feisty. Can't wait for those darling yellow flowers. Thanks for the division, Gwen. I hope you can smell the flowers from above.
    • - Sometimes I can't believe I get paid to weed, among other things. Weeding can be super when one has Bach Cello Suites on the headphones.