SEPTEMBER 29, 2012

sedum Neon
Sedum spectabile Neon (upright stonecrop)

I recently had the pleasure of gardening at a place in Essex which had a beautifully translucent 'Neon' sedum. I couldn't keep my eyes off it.
   This sedum is drought tolerant, easily dividable, adaptable to full sun or part shade, and is the most luminous of all sedums. Natch!
Can you find the Monarch pigging out at the white sedum salad bar?


Gardens at Waters East said...

I have los of sedum here. That neon one you posted really does catch the eye. NIce. I recently posted a number of them that I bring in for the winter. It gets too cold here on the shores of Lake Michigan to leave them out over the next months. You might enjoy them

nicole nappi said...

Beautiful color !

Mr Bill said...

Thanks for the post and the great pictures.