• Richard Hawke of the Chicago Botanic Garden will be speaking at the Northern New England nursery conference in Concord, N.H. UVM is a cosponsor. Foster's .com has the details.
  • Henry Homeyer has a great new article on problem plants entitled 'Do Not Try This at Home'. It gave me a different outlook on the Queen of the Prairie.
  • Hurry, hurry! Vt. Master Gardener course 2010 deadline is January 21, 2010 and starts on February 2, 2010. More info from the Vermont Master Gardener website.
  • The North Hill gardening duo, Eck and Winterrowd (sounds like a 60's folk group), are once again gracing the pages of the Times Sunday Book Review, this time on account of their very special book, Our Life In Gardens, being presented in paperback form. Wow! Has it been almost a year since I read the book after seeing the boys at the Vermont Flower show in Essex. Geez! Time flies when you're getting older! Ha-ha.
  • UVM's Leonard Perry gets some ink in the Times, talking about vertical gardening. Yup! Vertical gardening. Learn about it here.
  • USDA recently plunked 41 million dollars into an emergency fund to help Massachusetts fight the Asian Longhorned Beetle, an invasive pest which attacks healthy hardwood trees. Click for USDA report.

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