Hang in there, Weigela!

WORKING GARDENER'S JOURNAL (continuing series)

Tending client's garden today in Burlington near the lake.
Weigela on its way out, starting to drop pretty crimson flowers on the ground.
Rhodies in full sun still looking glorious, others in the shade pretty much gone.
Getting rid of pesky excess Tradescantia, though I adore the cute little purple flowers. Kind of hate to get rid of it but it spreads so quickly. Named after John Tradescant, England, 1500's.
Sweet, compact flowering Almond  has finished it's run; what a glorious spring production.
Beautiful creamy white Peonies in full ambrosial bloom.
Roses looking heavenly.
Very pretty pinkish-red Columbine, beaming.
Buddleia starting to crank into overdrive.
Viburnum peeking out with little white bloomies.
Translucent special Hostas looking really cool.
Lupine, in purple and white, standing tall and proud.

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