3-in-1 Butterfly Bush
Hydrangea - up close and personal
  • What a great time for Butterfly Bush lovers. One of my clients has a beautiful multi-color Buddleia, ordered through a catalog. The lavender, magenta and white flowers are mixed together and look positively stunning - right now. Up top is a pic of a 3-in-1 Butterfly Bush from Spring Hill Nursery.

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Gardens at Waters East said...

Brian, Have a few minutes tonight so I wanted to check on your postings and a couple of others. I like that 3 in 1 butterfly bush. I'm not sure it would survive here on Lake Michigan. Here I am really on the very edge of a comfortable zone for them. I have a Black Knight bush and it did make it through the last two winters. However before that the white one I had never made it. Good checking in on you. Jack