March 28 , 2012



Up above is a fab multi-colored Butterfly Bush, or Buddleia. I am starting to cut back my customer's Buddleias, usually to about a foot from the ground. I've had good luck leaving the branches through the winter, and hard pruning around mid to late March. I remember pruning one Buddleia in late April and the flowers were smaller than usual.
In warmer climates, some gardeners cut the Buddleia to the ground in the fall. Here in the northeast, leaving the wood on until late winter/early spring tends to bolster the plant, along with a covering of mulch.

Here's what I wrote about the Butterfly Bush last August:
What a great time for Butterfly Bush lovers. One of my clients has a beautiful multi-color Buddleia, ordered through a catalog. The lavender, magenta and white flowers are mixed together and look positively stunning - right now. Up top is a pic of a 3-in-1 Butterfly Bush from Spring Hill Nursery.

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